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Clear Tempered Glass

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  • Brand:LVYUAN
  • Type:Processing glass
  • Company Mode:Manufacturing
  • Expiry Date:Saturday, 04 February 2017

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Product Description

With an area of over 60 acres, Shanghai Lvyuan Glass Co., Ltd has dacades of experiences in glass deep-processing, and has obtained ISO9001-2000 international quality system certificate and national safety glass 3C certificate early in 2003. From Italy, our company brings in advanced computer cutting line, waterjet cutting, double-sides grinder, vertical drilling machines, bevel-edge machine etc to be applied with damp-eliminating and water-clearing treatment to make our products access to enjoy a sound reputation in the world market. Our company is specialised in building glass, including flat and bended tempered glass, color-glazed glass, hollow (LOW-E) glass, laminated (art decorative) glass, fire-resisted glass, light-transferred glass, silkscreen printed glass and so on. Our glasses has exported to Germany, Australia, USA, Italy, Japan, British, Russia, Poland to name just a few, and because of high quality and reasonable price, our products are warmly welcomed, and were awarded " recommended products to the Eropean Union". If you have chance to use our products, I am sure you would like them!

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